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Saturday, 24. May 2003

the end of

Dear visitors of,

As you may have noticed a long time ago, isn't in the state of being absent anymore. The reason is simple: lack of time and trouble with a former ISP. was my firstborn child that I tried to keep alive from 1995 until the end of 2002. It all started out as a personal hobby: categorizing and maintaining a list of Flash related sites and keeping track of Flash aesthetics on the web. Not the easiest task to do, but I think I attained success on this frequently due to the enormous amounts of loyal and unique visitors of on a daily base. A simple bookmark list that became one of the largest Flash related links directories on the web.

It was a great pleasure to maintain and own a list that became fairly large in size and popularity.

As a creative controller and web developer I think it was the right time to trim back some of the activities I absorbed in past periods of time.

I want to thank all visitors of for their help, submissions, patience and time.

Gert van Duinen (alias: cresk)


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Friday, 7. June 2002

An easy way to create Pixel Fonts

PixFont 2.0 from Kgroup is a small TrueType Font to TrueType Pixel font converter.

By default used fonts are smoothed by Flash so small fonts are becoming illegible that way. A resolution to this problem is to use pixel fonts.

With PixFont 2.0 you can generate a TrueType Pixel font of the font you want to use in Flash. As a welcome advanced feature, PixFont 2.0 also lets create fonts from bitmaps directly. This means that you can draw your own pixel fonts as well.

Note that PixFont is not a valid Win32 application: at least that's the message I get when trying to launch this tool in Windows 2000 professional!


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Wednesday, 5. June 2002

Don' surf the net... make the waves

Some odd and common Flash experiments and a plethora of downloadable examples from PeopleForFun Laboratory.


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